Passport to Partnership

Avoiding a Succession Crisis

Here's something curious: Accounting senior managers, according to the firm partners, do not typically reach out for promotion to partner level leadership. 

Conversely, the senior managers often say they don't know what skills they need to develop, or what it takes to get ready to take on a partnership position. 

The result is a succession crisis.

Passport to Partnership was developed to address this serious issue among forward-thinking accounting firms. 

Based on proprietary research and many years of experience with well over 400 partners and senior accounting professionals, Martin developed a step-by-step method that provides the bridge needed between senior managers and partners. Now, we've condensed this powerful program into a concise, yet high-impact video series.

Here's just a sampling of what's included:

  • Exactly what partners are looking for (and not telling you) to open the path to partnership
  • Learn the behaviours and the processes you should follow to accelerate your progress 
  • Get the hidden skills that your colleagues don't even know they need to put your career development on the fast track
  • Discover the Seven Cs (that is, the Seven behaviours) that will enable you to achieve your ultimate promotion

...and much more!

This time-optimised leadership development program is right for you if you're an accounting professional in a multi-partner firm who wants to broaden your skills and advance your career to achieve a new level of leadership, independence and authority, ultimately leading to a partnership in your firm.

If you're a partner of a growth-minded accounting firm seeking to recruit, retain and nurture top talent for sustainable expansion, build systems and improve the value of your firm, you'll find this program to be an easy-to-use-tool to help build leaders that support your goals.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Passport to Partnership - An Introduction

    • Passport to Partnership - An Introduction

  • 2

    Passport to Partnership Video Micro-Learning Series

    • Episode 1 - Success

    • Episode 2 - An Introduction

    • Episode 3 - Competence

    • Episode 4 - Culture

    • Episode 5 - Communication

    • Episode 6 - Conversion

    • Episode 7 - Commitment

    • Episode 8 - Challenge

    • Episode 9 - Commercial Awareness

    • Episode 10 - What Constitutes Competence

    • Episode 11 - Why Do You Want to Be a Partner?

    • Episode 12 - Energy

    • Episode 13 - Four Key Factors

    • Episode 14 - Winning Formulas

    • Episode 15 - Risk = Growth

    • Episode 16 - Partner Material

    • Episode 17 - Serving Two Masters