The 30-Minute Solution

Fast-track growth for your accounting and bookkeeping practice

Over the last 35 years of collectively working with over 1800 accounting firms worldwide, if we have noticed any pattern over and over again, it’s that cry of, “We just don’t have the time!”

Now whether that’s true or not is up for debate but what’s for sure is while we remain heavily involved in the delivery of compliance work, we will always struggle to find the time to grow the practice in a meaningful and sustained way. 

Therefore the questions arise:

  • Is it possible to grow my practice?
  • Is it possible to be a true advisor for my clients?
  • Is it possible to actually help my clients achieve their real goals instead of just doing compliance work?
  • Is it possible to increase my average fees?
  • Is it possible to reduce any client attrition I suffer from?
  • Is it possible to stop being knocked down on price?
  • Is it possible to do all these things in short bursts of activity?

The answer to all these questions is, yes it is! 

For all the reasons mentioned, this is why we have developed the 30-Minute Solution so you can grow your practice in a bite-sized, manageable, monitored way and yield a direct measurable return on investment.

The 30-Minute Solution is exactly this and has been designed to:

1. Build-in 30 minutes of focus, concentration and vision on the future of your practice rather than its current situation

2. Give you bite-sized instruction, insight and inspiration to motivate you to make small but impactful changes in your firm 

3. Make improvements to all of the metrics you find desirable, such as top and bottom line, average fee level and even service lines you are delivering to clients over and over again

One thing is for sure, there is HUGE potential in your firm.

We know this. 

Experience has taught us this. 

How that potential is realised is completely in your control. 

The 30-Minute Solution is guaranteed to make sure you get started and stay on the right path to continual business development on a budget.

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Introducing Martin and Femke

Meet two of Europe's leading practice growth experts

What's In the 30-Minute Solution?

Each week you have access to a teaching principle with relevant resources and come away with actionable steps you can implement immediately. Each week a new module is unlocked with four deliverables inside.

  • Weekly Principle: You will get a weekly video with 30 minute assignment you can do in your business to take the next step

  • Practical Approach: No theoretical clutter but concrete and practical steps to directly improve your current business

  • Templates and checklists: PDF’s templates and checklists: You will receive all templates, pdf’s and checklists to implement the required changes

  • Live Q&A: Meet with Martin and Femke and have your questions answered and your challenges discussed

Growth Success on a Budget just 30-minutes a week

The 30-minute solution is aimed at the caring, proactive professionals in the accounting and bookkeeping profession who truly want to look after their clients, have more time to grow their practice and stop relying on compliance and low-balling clients.

A bite-sized manageable solution to focus on for 30-minutes every week and see tangible results in the shortest time.
The 30-Minute Solution

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    Practice Growth in Action

    What accountants and bookkeepers say

    • "Tremendous value for money"

      This is a clear pathway to success. There is huge value in what is being presented with valuable resources to educate you on the 'how'. Tremendous value for the money, excellent actionable content and superb support.

      Kay Westmorland

    • "It's great to have a blueprint to follow"

      What I find most valuable is it breaks down advisory into manageable steps. The programme has so much to offer that it's great to have a blueprint to follow now.
      So much info to work with all at your fingertips.

      Helane Dollinger

    • "A clear-cut strategy in growing my business"

      I finally have a clear-cut strategy in growing my business and building my advisory services. The programme offers insights into advisory and new technology that will help you streamline your business. You won't regret joining.

      Denise O'Rourke

    Meet Martin Bissett

    Founder of USP

    Martin Bissett is the founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership (USP), the international consulting firm that specialises in enabling the accounting profession to win higher-end clients, create leaders from their ranks and save lives.

    His professional purpose is to alert the accounting profession to the profound outcomes that their advisory expertise can create in the lives of their clients.

    At the same time, he also alerts the accounting profession to the profound difficulties that can arise in the lives of their clients when they choose not to educate their clients about the impact that their advisory expertise can have.

    The Upward Spiral Partnership is the 4th business Martin has played a key role in building and the first of his own. 

    In the first 5 years of USP, Martin has: 

    • Been engaged/retained by 4 of the World's Top 10 Accounting associations and 6 of the Top 10 in the UK. 
    • Authored 9 books including Passport to Partnership, content from which has been adopted into the curriculum of AAT Level 3 courses, and taught in selected UK colleges and US CPA Societies.  
    • Been retained by Accountingweb as a judge of their prestigious practice excellence awards for three years in a row. 
    • Been highlighted as ‘one to watch’ in AccountingToday’s Top 100 Most Influential countdown for 2 years running. 
    • Spoken on 4 continents. 
    • Created several trademarked items of intellectual property including the ACCOUNTS™ system and ‘Martin’s Relationship Pricing™’ Model. 
    • Written for several professional publications including AccountingToday, AccountingWeb, CPA Practice Advisor and Chartered One. 
    • Sat on many international expert panels and guested on professional podcasts in the US, UK, and Australia. 
    • Sits on a parliamentary steering committee tasked with bringing advisory services to the fore in the accounting profession. 

    The outcome of Martin’s work is profitable new business for the practices he is engaged by, alongside the fine-tuning of teams of partners and emerging leaders who can develop new business by increasing their commercial awareness for themselves, without significant ongoing third party assistance. 

    Previously, Martin served 10 years as a director (appointed at age 26) on the board of a marketing consultancy firm serving the accounting profession. There, he held the responsibility for the growth of the client base including six of the U.K.’s top 30 accountancy firms. 

    He now coaches, mentors, speaks, trains and consults with accounting firms worldwide.

    In total, he has worked with over 1800 firms of accountants and found it unnecessary to keep track of his contributions to the new business growth of those firms once it surpassed £500m collectively. 

    Meet Femke Hogema

    Founder of Healthy Finance and Profit First Professionals BV

    Femke Hogema started her career as a Financial Controller for large international companies. She loved numbers and the clarity they provide about a company's health. But she also saw that entrepreneurs don't like numbers, controllers, bookkeepers, or accountants. Entrepreneurs often find finances complicated and theoretical. 

    Femke started her company, Healthy Finance, to close this gap, and to help entrepreneurs get a grip on their numbers. She gave lectures and training courses, brought Profit First to the Netherlands and wrote multiple bestsellers, The Profit Advisor and Profitable Plans are published internationally. Femke makes figures fun, practical, and accessible and in the course of ten years, she inspired tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to build a financially healthy and profitable business.

    Since 2017, Femke has focused on training accountants and bookkeepers to become Profit Advisors through Profit First Professionals BV. She teaches accountants and bookkeepers so that they can, in turn, support entrepreneurs in growing a financially healthy and profitable business. Femke loves to teach clients to build their own profitable company which will yield more pleasure and satisfaction.

    Femke was featured as a financial coach in a popular TV show on National TV. In 2019 she wrote a number one bestseller Winstgevende Plannen (Profitable Plans). The book reached a number one position in the Dutch National Management Book Top 100 within one and a half week after publication and kept that position for 28 days. She gives keynotes in both the Dutch and English language about The Profit Advisor, Profit First and Profitable Plans.

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  • Option 1 Monthly membership £499pm plus 10 live Q&A sessions
  • Option 2 Monthly membership £249pm Online Access Only
  • Annual membership options are available on application
    • £499pm Q&A Live Option x 12

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    What's in The 30-Minute Solution?

    Content is released week by week

    • 1

      The 30-Minute Solution: An Introduction

      • An Introduction from Femke

      • What's in the 30-Minute Solution? An introduction from Martin

    • 2

      Solution 1: Target

      • Why: Passion and Purpose

      • Target setting with your Profitable Plan

      • Resources: Have We Got What (or Who) We Need?

      • Goal Setting with Clients

    • 3

      Solution 2: The Four Foundations

      • Workflow Your Company

      • Workflow Your Clients Company

      • Disciplines and Habits

      • Recruitments Process

    • 4

      Solution 3: Productivity

      • 12-Week Plan

      • Focus

      • Daily Routine

      • Accountability for You and Your Client

    • 5

      Solution 4: Culture

      • Controlling BBC Beliefs

      • Behaviour

      • Culture

      • Client Care

    • 6

      Solution 5: Marketing

      • What is Marketing?

      • Designing Your Funnel

      • 7 Steps to Your Marketing Strategy

      • Strategy vs Tactics

    • 7

      Solution 6: Pipeline

      • The Commercial Case for Having a Pipeline

      • 7 Avenues

      • A.C.C.O.U.N.T.S.

      • Forecasting

    • 8

      Solution 7: Review

      • Analyse Your Company

      • Action Your Company: What To Do

      • Analyse Your Client's Company

      • Action Your Client's Company: What To Do

    • 9

      Solution 8: Winning Clients

      • Recognising Buying Signals

      • The Consultative Call

      • Resolving Concerns

      • The Best Questions You Can Ever Ask a Prospect...

    • 10

      Solution 9: Pricing

      • "How On Earth Do I Set My Prices?"

      • The Only 3 Prices You Will Ever Need

      • Repricing

      • Communicating Your Value

    • 11

      Solution 10: Advisory Skills

      • Asking the Right Questions

      • The 3 Stages of Advisory

      • The Coaching Model

      • How to Price Advisory

    • 12

      Solution 11: Tech Stack

      • The Speed of Change

      • The Technology Machine

      • 6 Apps You Need

      • Efficiency vs Effectiveness

    Your Questions Answered

    About The 30-Minute Solution

    1. What do I get from The 30-Minute Solution?

    First of all, by enrolling in this course shows you have a real desire to grow your firm and that's the first one right there.

    Each week you will receive a new instructional video of 10-15 minutes together with a practical exercise which should take you a further 10-15 minutes to implement in your practice.

    This weekly practice is where you will devote a total of 30 minutes a week, and that's why we call it the 30-Minute Solution. 

    If you opted for the Live Q&A Option, you will be invited to attend a monthly Q&A session with Femke and Martin, where you have the opportunity to ask any questions about the content you have studied or about any elements of your practice you need development immediate support with.

    2. Can I expect a return on investment from the 30-Minute Solution? 

    Yes. It will depend whether you see a tangible or an intangible return on some of the broader topics, such as goal setting, for example because the implementation of those is really down to you and the effort and focus you put into it.

    The same can be applied in terms of the support we give you and whether that is implemented in your firm. The control over whether you receive you achieve your goals or not, is very much at your discretion. 

    However, there are other very specific sections such as the Pipeline Winning Client Section and the Marketing Section, where you can directly identify new business from implementation. New business opportunities will be quantified in terms of money coming into your bank accounts, if you follow and implement these sections step by step. 

    Femke and Martin will be sharing proven methodology implemented all around the world with evidence from accounting firms they have worked with, who have seen a great return on investment from the implementation of these particular principles. 

    Overall, we would expect you to see a minimum of three times your investment in terms of new fees, new opportunities and increased productivity throughout the year. We would expect the ROI to be significantly higher than that, however, it very much depends on your implementation skill.

    3. How do I access the videos? 

    All The 30-Minute Solution training material is hosted right here on this platform. And every month, you'll receive an email reminder to go and log in to see your new content.

    4. Can I pay monthly? 

    Yes, there is a monthly payment option for you on this page.

    5. Can I stop after two to three months? 

    No, this is a year-long programme designed for you and is aimed at those who are really serious about growing their firms. 

    Honestly and directly: if you don't have 30 minutes in a week, to grow your firm, the question has to be asked about how serious you really are. If people can find half an hour a week to watch TV, why not devote half an hour to invest in themselves?

    6. Is there any discount for paying for the year in advance? 

    Yes, there is a 17% discount versus the monthly payment option which has already been discounted in the price displayed on this page and applied to the annual payment option for the 30-Minute solution ifyou in advance.

    7. Can I contact Femke and Martin in between the monthly Q&A sessions?  

    There is no provision for Femke and Martin to be ‘on-call’ throughout this programme. However, if the need is urgent, and you really would benefit from the direct support of Femke and Martin during the month, you can submit an enquiry through The 30-Minute Solution portal and your message will be passed to them directly.

    Choose Your Solution

    To pre-order, join your preferred option and secure your membership.

  • Option 1 Monthly membership £499pm plus 10 live Q&A sessions
  • Option 2 Monthly membership £249pm Online Access Only
  • Annual membership options are available on application
    • £499pm Q&A Live Option x 12

      Option 1: Monthly + Q&A

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    Accelerate Your Firm's Growth

    Get the fast-track, bite-sized runway to make your accounting firm fly.